Real Estate Attorneys Serving Rock Springs And Green River

At Mathey Law Office, P.C., we handle a wide range of matters related to real estate transactions and litigation. Representing clients in both commercial and residential real estate matters, our Green River, Wyoming, law firm offers clear guidance designed to get results.

Real Estate Transactions

For many business leaders and individuals, real estate transactions can have a significant impact on the future. Whether they affect your business or your family home, it is critical to pay attention to the details by seeking knowledgeable counsel. No matter what your situation, our lawyers have the resources needed to help you get the best possible results.

We can manage all aspects of the purchase or sale of commercial or residential real estate. Our experienced lawyers draft title opinions for purchasers and determine whether title is good and marketable. We also draft documents related to the sale of property. These include deeds, declarations of value and groundwater hazard statements, as well as other documents related to real estate transactions.

Real Estate Disputes

Not every real estate matter always goes smoothly. When it looks like a real estate transaction may turn sour, the best thing to do is call a lawyer. Our lawyers can help you protect your interests related to a wide range of matters, from easements to boundary disputes, to adverse possession, water law and quiet title actions.

We will begin by helping you understand your options under the law. We will then take effective action to protect your interests. Sometimes negotiation with another attorney is the best course of action. Other times, a solution may involve complex litigation in Wyoming courts. Regardless of your needs, we are well-prepared to handle your real estate dispute efficiently and effectively.

Green River Construction Lawyers

We represent many general contractors and subcontractors in construction law matters, including construction contracts and the resolution of construction disputes. Much of our Green River, Wyoming, law practice is devoted to civil litigation. Our lawyers are knowledgeable regarding local court procedures, attorneys and judges, and we are respected as trial attorneys who take effective action to protect our clients' interests.

If You Need An Attorney, You Need Us

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